Green Adventurine Mala Beads

Green Adventurine Mala Beads



Authentic, custom-made, high quality pieces made sustainably and ethically.

108 bead Sacred rudruksha seed mala, with semi-precious stones.

Originally, malas have been used to help yogis maintain count when chanting sacred mantras, but they also offer the wearer many significant spiritual benefits:

Green Adventurine - a stone of comfort and balance. It is said to calm a troubled spirit, bring inner peace and relieve fear and anxiety.

White Howlite - a stone of awareness, that is very calming and helps to ease insomnia. A good stone for meditation, it also aids in healing stress and emotional imbalances.

Amethyst - a stone of spirituality and inner peace. It helps to create stability and strength and inspiration. It is calming, relaxing and soothing and strengthens spiritual power. And a great stone for meditation.

Black Lava - a stone of courage, that provides stability, grounding and protection during periods of change. It also helps to bring about balance and develop focus.

Carnelian – a stone that offers protection from negative energies, replacing them with positive ones. It is grounding, increases stamina and self-confidence, and helps to focus the mind and aids in decision making.

Rudruksha beads have been used for centuries throughout Asia as powerful aids on the path to self-realisation. It is said that when Lord Shiva danced the Universe into creation he cried tears of compassion. And these tears, when falling upon the Earth then crystallised and transformed into the rudruksha tree, from which these seeds evolved. The healing properties of these seeds, when worn by the aspirant, are said to include calming the nervous system, aiding in the absorption of nutrients, alleviating depression, eliminating anxiety and other mood disorders, improved concentration, enhanced relaxation, and promoting anti-ageing properties. The inclusion of semi-precious stones to these custom-designed malas brings added healing and aesthetic properties to this stunning range.